One Farmer / One Chef:
Ome Farm & Yuri Nomura of Eatrip

Eatrip’s chef Yuri Nomura shows us how
to make a colorful beet risotto 

French Toast by Chihiro Naito
of restaurant Ăn Đi

Modern Vietnamese restaurant Ăn Đi’s chef
shows us how to make this classic breakfast

Eat Well, Support Local Farmers

A guide to where you can shop for fresh produce, and send your support.

Takeout Restaurants in Tokyo

Support your favorite restaurants through this difficult time.

Talking Plant-Forward Food in Japan with Chef Amanda Cohen and Food Writer Michael Harlan Turkell

Reflections from a culinary pilgramme in a country where fish-based dashi dominates.


Meet the Woman Cultivating Heritage Bean Varieties in Japan

Kiyomi Hasegawa has a life-long mission to make the bean landscape in Japan more diverse.


A Sake for all Situations

More than just a fair-weather bar friend.


Tips for Becoming Plastic-less in Japan

Katie O’Brien of Eco de Iko shares her journey from plastic-free July to plastic-free living


Shinmai (new rice) season in Japan is about more than just rice

In Japan, the seasons and spirituality speak through rice fields.


 Shinmai risotto

Make the most of shinmai (new rice) season in Japan with this creamy, gentle risotto that has little bits of punch.

Buckwheat Blinis Two Ways

Ideal for entertaining and a special brunch: Salmlon, creme fraiche, dill / Maple-poached pears with spiced ricotta


ap·pe·tite |  ˈa-pə-ˌtīt
1: any of the instinctive desires necessary to keep up organic life especially: the desire to eat.
2a: an inherent craving b: TASTE, PREFERENCE